ARM9 Embedded CPU


Technical features:

  • 32-bits ARM 9 CPU, clocked at 240MHz
  • 32MB of SDRAM (64MB optional) at 120MHz (32-bits interfaced)
  • 64MB of on board Flash memory
  • 3 Serial interfaces, 1 of them is IrdA compatible
  • 2 USB host interfaces (1 switchable to USB device)
  • Synchronous serial interface to connect with 16-bits audio codec
  • Video output for STN or TFT LCD screen
  • Touch-screen interface
  • 10-bits ADC converter
  • IICbus interface
  • 2 SPI interfaces
  • 4 internal PWM timers
  • Watchdog timer
  • Up to 90 I/O pins
  • Low power: 0.5W typical, 1W max; only a single 3.3Vdc 5% is required
  • Small sizes: 45x40x8 mm
  • Wired with 2 60-ways smd connectors, pitch 0.8mm
  • Extended operating temperature range: from -25C to +85C
  • Very low price
  • Very easy to add CAN bus and Ethernet ports
  • A dedicated development system named RD126 is available
  • Low-cost evaluation kit named RD156

Included software:

  • The board is delivered with kernel Linux and Busybox
  • To compile, link and debug your applications we suggest to use the free software kit ELDK

Open source free software, downloadable from internet: