Development board for RD129 CPU

This board allows a faster development stage of the RD129' applications. All the CPU pins are wired to 2.54mm connectors, to easily connect to the customer's specific application.
To power the board only 5Vdc is required. Full schematic is included with the board.

The board contains:

  • 3.3V switching power supply
  • Level translator for 2 RS232 serial interfaces
  • USB to Ethernet converter, and its connector
  • USB Host connector
  • MMC or SD flash memory card connector
  • 16 bits in/out stereo audio codec
  • IICbus eeprom
  • Real Time Clock whith litium back-up coin battery
  • FPC connectors for optional LCDs
  • JTAG debug connector
  • One RD129 CPU board

Can be optionally provided with one of these LCD displays:

  • TFT 3.5" 240x320 LED backlighted
  • STN 5.7" 320x240 CCFL backlighted and its inverter
  • TFT 5.7" 320x240 CCFL backlighted and its inverter