Advanced 4 inputs encoder counting card for PCI bus


Technical features:

  • 5V 32bit 33MHz PCI bus (the most common on current PCs)
  • Maximum counting speed: 10MHz
  • Universal inputs: RS422, differential, single-ended or open collector (from 200mV to 18V)
  • Inputs ESD protected IEC 1000-4-2
  • Encoders can be powered from the board (+5V and +12V)
  • It can handle up to 4 incremental encoders, monodirectional or bidirectional with x4 interpolator
  • 32 bit internal counters (+-2 billions of pulses)
  • Programmabile input filter
  • Internal timers for accurate speed measures with low resolution encoders

Included software for Windows 32 bit operating systems:

  • Kernel driver
  • Interfacing DLL
  • Visual C include file
  • Visual Basic include file
  • Test program